About Us

We are Velery, a new Jewellery store based in Melbourne/Australia. A small (but mighty) online business owned by women to bring you fun, different, beautiful and high quality Jewellery to brighten up your day! 

At Velery we want Jewellery to be more than just an accessory. We want to bring you joy and make you feel beautiful and confident, because we believe that, by feeling good, we can make others feel good as well and it is all about that positive vibe! 

We are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and to always think about how our business will affect our planet. We avoid waste and plastic use by for example not using plastic bubbles to wrap our products and instead using recycled paper. We always try to be mindful about our actions and we want to do the right thing. We will always try to bring a positive impact to people and the world we live in.